Recently we installed Chroma Q Inspires in a project called 'ICER". Theat means Innovation, Creation, Education and recreation.

Icer is founded by the local government, a few schools, artists and a few company's. It is a crossoverbetween a museum about the Iron industry in the neighbourhood and an educational centre. There will be product presentations, developments, people can visit the museum and there is a "Start lab"for everyone who wants to create things with 3d printers and so on. Also there will be a workplays for welding and so on.

It is based in an old factory (see drawing) with a futuristic look.

We installed 48 Chroma Q Inspire houselights and a lot of other equipment.

All the lights will be controlled by a computer with touchscreen and a Jands S1 with 1024 channels. There will be a multimedia show every hour, which is controlled by a showcontroller, that also controls the JandsByron software  with a LTC timecode signal.

The purpose of the Inspires is, that it had to be possible to change the colour in the whole venue on about every 3 meters. The Inspires also light up 10 of the 12 the cabinets with the museum stuff in them. Also there it had to be possible to choose different colours. The whole venue has a few large parts. There is an entrance, a central hall and a smaller one with in it a cube with tv facilities and the startlab and a classroom. There is a storage room and workplace for the fabrication and invention of all kinds of things like robots, sun driven cars etc. In the lower part of the venue we used mainly 65 degrees Inspires, hanging 3 meters above the floor. In the higher part, we hung 42 degrees inspires about 6 meters above the floor and 2 Inspires with a 32 degree angled lens.

In total we have used 18x42 degree, 2x 32 degree and 28x 65 degree Inspires. 38 of them in a black housing, 10 of them in a white housing.

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